Nov 09, 2020

Webinar Highlights: How better hybrid meetings will improve collaboration & engagement in the workplace

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Barco's Lieven Bertier and Liesbet Meesschaert talk you through the results from our recent research on hybrid working and meeting in the post-Covid workplace. If you missed our free webinar, no worries, we noted down these key takeaways for you!

After months in quarantine, working from home clearly lost its sparkle. More than 8 in 10 of the employees worldwide feel strongly about getting back to the workplace.

Today, as office buildings are opening up again in some countries, it’s quite clear that there’s no such thing as a rush back to the office. And it’s impossible to bring entire teams together in the same spaces as before, just taking rules for social distancing in mind. No, we’ve gone for hybrid meetings instead! Balancing between going in-office and WFH.

Hybrid meeting does have its upsides. Companies are investing in employees’ well-being & safety and are improving focus, productivity and efficiency of collaboration at the same time. Want to learn all about how hybrid is the way forward to keep your business running, in the most critical of times? What will thomorrow's workplace look like?    

  • Get a better understanding of hybrid working: users’ attitude & expectations towards hybrid meetings. Can you revive employee engagement?
  • Explore what users think of hybrid meetings. What are the frictions they encounter? What technology do they expect from their companies to support them?

Read on to discover detailed findings of the research. 

Watch the webinar now 

If you want to know all the ins and outs of our newest research on hybrid work and meeting, here's a full recording of the webinar.

Watch the full recording here

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