Nov 19, 2020

Join the free webinar: Simulation solutions in the defense sector

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For more than 20 years, we have been partnering with ST Engineering Antycip, a professional systems integration partner whose mission is to bring out the latest technology for virtual reality, simulation and visual displays to our joint customers.

On 1 December at 3-4pm (GMT), ST Engineering Antycip, Airbus Helicopters and Barco will explore how simulation solutions are improving training and experimentation in the defense sector.

For the first time, you will get a sneak peek into ST Engineering Antycip’s latest Tiger Attack Helicopter Simulators for the Military, equipped with Barco FL40 projectors and located in a technical center in Europe.

The system is based around two cockpits (one for the pilot and one for the shooter) that control the simulated aeronautical systems, which are installed in two projection spheres, with a control room that is used to control the simulation and monitor the tests being undertaken.

In the webinar you will also be presented with a case study from Airbus Helicopter and we will provide you with a flavor of the different immersive solutions available for the defense sector and highlight the newest next generation FL40 MKII solid-state simulation-ready projectors.

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Hope to see you on 1 December!

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