Dec 17, 2020

Supporting the community in a Barco-way

Sustainability 2 min read last updated on: Jul 06, 2021

Let’s say it one last time before moving on to a wondrous new year: 2020 was a year filled with challenges. We’ve all been impacted, on a personal and/or business level, by the historical global health crisis. But in times like these, it is so important to stand strong together and support each other where possible. And that’s exactly what Barco’s mission was by installing a rental program for our virtual classrooms. We’re proud to say that it turned out to be an amazingly successful initiative which allowed us to give back to the community in more than one way.

Back in March, when the first confinement measures and travel bans came into play, a lot of companies were forced to find an alternative for their on-site trainings and educational programs. Barco is privileged to have a virtual classroom solution in its portfolio, and to have a dedicated space all set and ready specifically for that purpose of online teaching and training.

There was a challenge. We had the tools to tackle that challenge. And so we made our tools available to others.

We decided to open our virtual classrooms for a small fee so that local companies and organizations could continue to stay in touch with their employees around the globe. In addition, we also made our virtual classrooms available for surrounding schools and universities.

Hosts and users were extremely enthusiastic about this opportunity. The weConnect virtual classroom platform is unique in its kind by enabling face-to-face interactivity and engaging online learning. As one of the users summarizes: “The experience was fantastic.” It’s just great that we could support the community like this, while also receiving insightful feedback on our solution. But there’s more.

Yes, more. Because the proceeds from the use of the virtual classrooms are entirely going to charity. In almost eight months (March – November), we managed to raise 9.500 EUR! This amount has been donated to AZ Groeninge, the local hospital of Kortrijk and a great neighbor of the Barco headquarters. AZ Groeninge will use the funds to purchase telemedicine equipment which allows healthcare professionals to remotely monitor blood pressure, weight or other parameters of patients at home.

We’re extremely grateful that we had the opportunity to offer support and help to others, in our own Barco-way, to overcome this difficult year; and we’d like to thank everyone who supported us in doing so!

We’re in this together, so let’s do it together!

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