Feb 10, 2021

The future of work is hybrid. What are the implications for L&D professionals?

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In 2020 - a year like no other – the working routines of most companies have been fundamentally changed, with a large-scale shift to remote work as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic. All work-related activities, including L&D strategies and programs, were required to swiftly convert to a new, digitally delivered format.

As we are heading slowly but surely towards a resolution of this crisis, the future for the world of work presents itself significantly different from its pre-pandemic state. So how has 2020 impacted perceptions over the workplace? And what are the implications for L&D?

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The shift to remote work happened with an overwhelming degree of efficiency, with a recent report by PwC in the US revealing that 83% of employers and 71% of employees consider it a success. Therefore, it is only normal that remote work post-pandemic will increase in prevalence, in comparison to pre-pandemic times. The majority (74%) of the workforce surveyed for the same report would prefer to work remotely at least 2 days per week once the pandemic is over.

From now on, one of the keywords in the work world seems to be ´hybrid´, which means that employees work alternatively remote and onsite, according to their needs and at their convenience. Hybrid work and the flexibility it implies as a future major trend will have multiple, company-wide implications, including an impact on HR and L&D – both needing to prepare for training their workforces in a different way than before.


It is evident that if the future of work is hybrid, then so is the one of successful L&D. A hybrid working mode will involve a shift in strategy for training talent effectively. Considering the increasing demand for flexibility, paired with the need to upskill and reskill employees to prepare them for a digital era impacted by technology, big data and AI, ensuring successful training outcomes is more important than ever.

Most companies are beginning to prepare for this shift towards the hybrid workplace. It emerged from new research by Fosway Group (focusing on L&D Directors, managers and learning technology professionals) that 71% of respondents have experienced an increased demand for digital learning from end-users and 82% from senior stakeholders.

Furthermore, it is predicted by PwC that 72% of executives will increase their spending on virtual collaboration tools and 62% on manager training. Also according to Fosway Group, there is a 5x increase in using virtual classrooms for high-value programs.

So how can L&D departments future-proof their efforts? At Barco, we advocate for setting a long-term strategy in place and moving from digital replacement to digital transformation, with training objectives in mind and supported by technology.

In the process of transformation, here are 5 elements to consider and incorporate in the strategy for the future, to ensure positive training outcomes:

  1. Integrate training into the flow of work – short, few-hours long sessions across multiple days or weeks are preferable, aiding learning continuity and retention
  2. Engage in multiple ways – live, interactive sessions mixed with pre-recorded ones; in-classroom training alternated with remote ones
  3. Provide a variety of content formats – live lectures, quizzes, team assignments but also on-demand videos, presentation slides, and written material
  4. Incentivize and gamify learning - give achievement badges and certificates that can be shared on LinkedIn; recognize publicly, every once in a while, the high achieving employees
  5. Ensure you have the right solution for training the workforce both remotely and on-site with strong and varied technical capabilities


If you understand the needs and demands of the workforce in your company, you can optimize your training programs to increase effectiveness and improve learning outcomes. Join one of our demo sessions or click here to read more about how the Barco weConnect solution can enable bright learning experiences in your company.

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