Mar 01, 2021

Barco goes for reliable outcomes with a renewed focus on services

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At Barco, we focus on our customer’s needs in everything we do. First and foremost, by building high-quality hardware and innovative software solutions. But also by ensuring reliability in those solutions. Today we are taking this a step further with a revised strategic service framework, which we call Enable – Protect - Optimize. Read on to find out everything about this service update.


The Enable – Protect - Optimize framework is a global Barco-wide services offering that contributes to partner service excellence and drives customer satisfaction in the field. The three pillars of the updated framework are designed to deliver positive outcomes, with service packages that have your back from start to finish.


Enjoy a great Barco experience from the first moment through risk-free installation and smooth first-time-right deployment.


With the expert support and fast resolution times of the EssentialCare support packages you’ll maximize the uptime and extend the lifetime of your Barco solutions.


The access to the Barco remote management platforms in combination with the Optimize service packages are meant to guarantee the optimal usage of your Barco products and optimize the return-on-investment of your solutions.


With this strengthened Barco-wide service offering, we’re really living up to our brand DNA: enabling the brightest outcomes for both our partners and end customers.

– Jan De Witte, CEO at Barco




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