May 25, 2021

Sparking innovation by connecting employees in Barco’s first Virtual Business Impact Hackaton

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Barco is constantly on the look-out for new ideas, perspectives and products. But how do we come up with these new ideas? Innovation and creativity thrive when people are connected and different ideas clash to create exciting, new ones. In May, Barco organized its first ever Virtual Business Impact Hackaton. In this 48-hour long event, different Barco teams from all around the globe collaborated in search of innovative ideas.

A hackaton, as a combination of ‘hacking’ and ‘marathon’, is traditionally seen as an event for coding where engineers and developers unite. Barco takes it a step further, not only engineers and developers were involved in this hackaton, but employees from all divisions such as Sales, Marketing, Finance,…


We believe in collaboration. Bringing together people from different backgrounds often sparks new ways of looking at something, which is the cornerstone of innovation. Moreover, the innovation teams are connected to the board, bringing employees and strategic guidance together. There were 25 strong ideas from different teams and the 3 best ones got the following awards: ‘CLT Bold Move’, ‘Colleague’s favorite’ and of course the ‘Final Winner’. 

Barco’s mission to enable bright outcomes has always been driven by a thirst for innovation. We use technology to make an impact on people’s lives, whether it’s in the healthcare, entertainment or enterprise industry. Over the years, Barco has reinvented itself many times with new, state-of-the-art technologies and products. Innovation pushes the world forward and allows us as a company to keep creating compelling experiences. 



“This Business Impact Hackaton is the ideal setting to unite people who otherwise wouldn’t necessarily work together and have conversations about the future of our solutions and company. The teams with the best ideas – besides gaining a great innovation experience – also win great prizes and some will be validated further in future follow-up stages where we will test them more globally with new customers," says Guy Van Wijmeersch, Director Innovation & Design Thinking.

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