Jun 09, 2021

Rolling out the red carpet for cinema re-openings in Belgium

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What was the last movie you saw in an actual movie theatre? Many of you had to think for a moment to answer this question. We can all agree that it’s been far too long. But for the Belgian cinephiles, there’s great news today, with cinemas rolling out their red carpet for the long-awaited re-opening. To mark the occasion, Barco and Cinionic have joined forces to make sure both their employees and underprivileged communities can enjoy an exciting post-lockdown cinema experience.

June 9, 2021, Belgian authorities have announced that many indoor attractions are allowed to open their doors again, including movie theaters! Everyone is excited to go back to the movies again! But not everyone has the means to watch the new talk-of-the-town blockbuster in a theater. Barco and Cinionic, known for their long heritage and commitment to the cinema industry, want to empower everyone to join them at the movies. In addition to enabling all Belgian employees with the opportunity to return to cinemas, the companies are partnering with the local community organizations to roll out the red carpet and deliver cinema experiences for even more people.

Together with long-standing partner Film Fest Gent, both companies will be donating 2000 cinema tickets. The donated tickets will be distributed by Enchanté, a citizens’ initiative which the Flemish Government recently awarded for its community work and its network of social partners to promote cultural participation among the underprivileged. The organizations in the Enchanté network are grateful for this “extremely valuable initiative.” “Our target audience already has a hard time, but due to COVID-19 life has only become harder… With this donation we can bring them back together and let them enjoy cultural activities.”

We’re proud to donate the power of the cinemagoing experience to those who otherwise might even never get to the movie theater. It’s about giving every one the opportunity, and at the same time showing our passion for the cinema industry after an extended closure.

“Cinema, at its heart, is a shared community experience. Barco and Cinionic have a rich heritage supporting the best cinematic experiences around the world. Today, with Film Festival Ghent and Enchanté, we’re empowering Belgian audiences from all walks of life to return to the movies,” added Jan De Witte, CEO, Barco, “The joy of going to see a film in the theater cannot be replicated. Our mission is to deliver the moviegoing experience for everyone. We are proud to work with like-minded partners to make this possible as cinemas reopen in Belgium.”

Cinema is back. And cinema is for everyone!   

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