Jun 15, 2021

Seeing the world in 3D, then and now

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Imagine yourself jumping off a skyscraper, fighting off a zombie apocalypse, or strolling around inside Barcelona’s gorgeous Sagrada Familia. All these experiences are possible today in the virtual world. And although you would think that Virtual Reality is a recent development, the technology has a rich history, of which the earliest origins reach into the 19th century. In our new e-book we dive into this exciting history of VR.

VR through the ages

Seeing the world in 3D, then and now

a history of VR

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VR has remained a curiosity for a long time. But in the last decades of the 20th century, VR technology started to become mainstream. Thanks to technological advancements in the world of virtual reality, we can immerse ourselves into 3D worlds we couldn’t have imagined before. But VR is also gaining momentum in a business context. It can help us collaborate better, explore new worlds, research new possibilities, and much more. In this e-book we look at the evolution of the technology, some of the pivotal changes that pushed its development and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

Barco writing VR history

Barco has been a pioneer in the VR market for years. Our 3D visualization technology innovations have accompanied and propelled the development of new VR business applications such as automotive design and prototyping, oil and gas exploration, research and development, and many more. In fact, Barco is the only manufacturer that designs and produces all building blocks for total VR systems, including projectors, screens, and display management systems. Find out more about Barco shaping the future of VR in the e-book.


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