Jun 21, 2021

5 reasons to choose the Barco G100 projector

Themed Entertainment 3 min read

A single-chip laser phosphor projector range built to meet the high Barco standards and customer requirements in terms of brightness, technical versatility and sustainability... and all this at a budget-friendly price? That’s the force of the G100! Here are 5 reasons to choose the Barco G100 projector to build unique experiences.

  1. More lumens for brilliant results
  2. Introducing three variants with WUXGA resolution and light output up to 22.000 lumens, the G100 raises the bar for single-chip projection with higher brightness levels than before. The projectors are developed for those indoor and outdoor media-based applications that require powerful laser projection near 3-chip brightness performance at an affordable price point.

  3. Non-intrusive technology thanks to low noise levels
  4. We always say that the technology in your venue should be invisible. And with invisible, we also mean inaudible, because the background noise of a buzzing projector can be just plain distracting. Although boasting up to 22K lumens, the G100s remain non-intrusive and silent at max. 42 dB(A) or 36dB(A) when used in eco-mode.

  5. Durable design to withstand extreme environments
  6. So you want a projector for a mapping in the middle of the desert? No sweat. The G100 stands its ground in harsh and hot environments. Through its excellent on-board cooling, the G100s can withstand a maximum ambient temperature of 50°C (or 122°F).

  7. Enabling creativity in different set-ups
  8. 2D or 3D projections, close-up or far away, warped or blended? The G100 is like a Swiss knife adapting to your needs. You can trust on the G100 models to deliver the best outcomes with effortless implementation for any creative project.

  9. Choose sustainability
  10. It’s time to think about your ecological footprint, and with the G100 you’re ready for a greener future. An improved power supply, carefully selected components and low power standby mode (less than 0.5W), significantly limit the G100 projectors’ energy consumption. Other eco-highlights include its modularity contributing to a longer lifetime, and a low-waste packaging design.

For more info, check the G100 product pages.

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