Jul 28, 2021

InfoComm 2021: Visualization of Now

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Barco presented a visual feast at InfoComm 2021 showcasing its comprehensive visualization solutions. The Barco Space exhibit areas consisted of different life and work scenarios of today, focusing on the following four themes: Amazing, Enjoy, Connect, and Control.

InfoComm 2021 -China1


Upon entering the exhibition room, an digital art gallery welcomed attendees in a virtual world of Van Gogh and Claude Monet. The powerful combination of four UDX and four UDM Barco laser projectors created a breathtakingly unique visual experience on the booth.

InfoComm 2021 -China2

Barco products on display

As the most compact 40,000-lumen laser projector in the industry, UDX-4K40 is well-received due to its high brightness and color rendition with laser phosphor as a light source. UDM-4K22 with 22,000 lumens, one of the few middle-lumen range models with 3DLP, was used for ground surfaces where light requirements are less demanding. Along with Barco features such as FLEX2 brightness-locking and 4K resolution, it has maintained a stable image quality for this splendid space.



Passing the silkscreen and scenes of the digital paintings, attendees come into a stylish coffee house, a space jointly created by Barco’s G60, G100, and F80 projection series. The smell of coffee and singing of live singers create a wonderful visual, auditory, and olfactory experience.

Barco products on display

Three G60 projectors and two G100s provide multiple brightness options with 1-chip DLP to create a life-like and detailed scenery.

Even in the coffee cups, attendees could find some projection surprises as the F80s reproduced latte art in a 3-dimensional way.

Behind the projection systems, it’s Barco E2 image processor that takes care of everything. 



After a short break, go beyond the Life area, attendees enter the hybrid office packed with technology. The Connect area aims to demonstrate high-quality meeting systems that transcend space constraints.

Barco products on display

Born in the era of hybrid office, Clickshare CX-50 enables “bring your own meeting”—No cables. The exhibition of boardrooms in different time zones and regions allows the attendees to experience the benefits of ClickShare Conference with “face-to-face” conversations.

Meanwhile, another convenient conferencing experience is brought to the audience in the form of a huddle space, enabled by ClickShare Present and Unisee 700.


At the end of the Barco booth, the attendees find themselves in a large-scale visualized control room, where Barco simulates a wide range of scenarios facing its enterprise clients. It includes large-scale command and control centers, small and medium-sized emergency response command centers or monitoring centers, and the integrated room for consultation and analysis.

Barco products on display

The control room scenarios, powered by Barco’s UniSee, ODL displays, LED video walls, integrate high-definition visualization with uninterrupted reliable operations.

The addition of the customized OpSpace workspace solutions, and Barco OCS, a distributed network-based screen control and intelligent collaboration system, faithfully replicate group clients’ real-world scenarios and their needs.


InfoComm China 2021

We look back at history to seize the day, and we seize the day to look into the future. Over the years, in carrying forward the spirit of “In China For China”, Barco has segmented the Chinese market based on its deep understanding of it. With new products unveiled one after another, Barco has brought disruptive experiences to the industry. As this year marks the beginning of the era of Barco China 2.0, let us look forward to a series of outstanding visualization solutions.



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