Sep 10, 2021

Built for speed: Barco demonstrates 240Hz frame rates for high-speed, dynamic content at DSC 2021

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Driving simulators are probably one of the most sophisticated applications when it comes to dynamic simulation systems. And rendering capabilities is of high importance in a simulated environment where there is often a tradeoff between the quality of the graphic and the speed at which the application runs. At this year’s DSC conference, we will be showcasing our latest state-of-the-art visualization technologies running at 240 Hz (fps).

In cooperation with partners, project: syntropy and Cruden, we’ll be demonstrating both our latest projection and LED videowall solutions for driver-in-the-loop (DIL) simulators.

High-speed images from rFpro, processed at 240Hz frame rates by two Barco FL40 WUXGA projectors, will be demonstrated on a curved screen driving simulator setup at project: syntropy’s booth no 18. The Barco FL40 projectors are built for power and speed, and is truly solid-state, withstanding motion and abrupt movements. Powered by Barco Pulse – our own unique image processing solution built into the projectors – the users experience unprecedented smooth imagery run at 240 fps.

On booth no 16, Cruden will showcase the industry’s first and only 240Hz LED videowall solution from Barco. The Barco XT 1.5 pixel-pitch LED video wall will be running Cruden’s own Panthera Unity render engine and high-definition content at 240Hz frame rates. Powered by our own, unique Barco Infinipix™ image processing solution built into the LED videowall, this solution is optimized for the driving sim market’s high-speed and high-quality requirements.

Are you interested in learning how state-of-the-art visualization technology can improve your sense of immersion and training outcome in your driving simulators? Then visit project: syntropy and Cruden, and check out the Barco solutions at DSC 2021, September 14-17 in Munich, Germany.

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