Oct 19, 2021

15 must-knows on the state of education technology in business schools from brand-new research

Business School 2 min read last updated on: Nov 15, 2021

Providing ‘flexibility in learning’ is the most popular purpose of existing investment into online learning technologies, as cited by 77% of business school leaders. Additionally, 82% plan to invest in online teaching over the next two years, according to new research by AMBA & BGA in association with Barco.

Brand new findings reveal how business school leaders are taking advantage of new technology to reimagine education in their institution. While initially it was a reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic, business school leaders have quickly acknowledged the numerous avenues education technology can open for education.

The results showcase an increase in online and hybrid learning methods as well as in virtual classroom usage. Additionally, respondents have shown keen to keep aspects of online learning and to invest in flexible learning methods, suggesting a strong inclination for new, blended and hybrid learning models.

David Woods-Hale, Director of Marketing and Communications at AMBA & BGA, said: ‘Now that the mechanics are in place for Business Schools to use technology effectively, the opportunities for business education to further develop global, agile and personalized offerings seem limitless.’ 

Simone Hammer, Global Marketing Manager for Teaching & Learning Solutions at Barco, added: ´Business school leaders have now the unique chance to revolutionize education. It is time to dare to dream, innovate and push the boundaries of creativity. It is time to devise and optimize new models for cutting-edge business education in an era of technology and continuous disruption while enabling bright learning outcomes for all categories of learners worldwide. ´ 

The research was carried out by AMBA & BGA in the summer of 2021, by circulating an online questionnaire resulting in 171 participants. You can read the full report here.  



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