Oct 25, 2021

Achieving an immersive experience: join the webinar

Simulation 1 min read

The goal of any simulator is to fully replicate real-world scenarios and feedback in a way that allows the trainee to suspend their disbelief that they are not “live”. But how to get there, and what do you need to consider?

In this live webinar, hosted by ST Engineering Antycip in collaboration with Barco, we will demonstrate how investment in the right technologies can improve the effectiveness of training and help organizations to develop & test their latest equipment and innovations in a safer, faster and more productive virtual environment.


You will also learn how ONERA The French Aerospace Lab has incorporated a new flight simulator targeted to address both the pilot's and co-pilot's unique perspectives for a more engaging level of collaborative immersion.

Register now for this free webinar on 28 October at 15:00 CET.


  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Barco: A journey through immersive technologies (by Dave Fluegeman)
    • What to consider when creating an immersive environment
  • Case studies:
  • A glimpse of the new F400-HR
  • Summary
  • Q&A session

We hope to see you there!


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