Apr 26, 2022

Meeting equity: behind the buzz! Watch our podcast series

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Does the success of your hybrid meeting depend on meeting equity? We have invited a mix of industry and academic specialists to dive into the hottest topic in business today. Discover their views on (in)equitable meetings in our brand-new podcast series.

Podcasts you can’t afford to miss

AV and UCC specialist Gary Kayye, founder of THE rAVe Agency, has worked in the industry as a consultant, writer and speaker for more than 25 years. He was the 2003 InfoComm Educator of the Year and 2007 NSCA Instructor of the Year. A true industry authority and the perfect host for unique podcast series that brings inspiring visions from experts on meeting, equity and technology.

Get your insights first-hand from specialists with different areas of expertise. From workplace strategy, room design, academic research, technology expertise to partnerships with top players in the AV. Our podcast guests all bring their inspiring views on thé meeting trend of 2022.

Want to be up to speed? Dive into the first video

The first episode in the series is a roundtable with experts from Microsoft, Barco, Bose and Shen Wilsen & Wilke that talk you through the challenges of meeting inequity and how technology has a huge role to play to create an equal experience in hybrid meetings, especially for remote participants.



How can a well-run hybrid meeting compensate for Zoom fatigue or technology induced meeting stress?

Watch this interesting episode, as Gary dives into the most recent academic insights on equity, with Josep A. Allen, Director of the Center for Meeting Effectiveness. Discover how equity differs in face-to-face, virtual or hybrid meetings and what the 3 top tips for more equitable meetings according to Joseph Allen are.



Why not let people work anywhere, anytime?

Gary Kayye from THE rAVe agency talks with John Lam, Director Workplace Strategies at JLL, on the flexibility needs and cultural shifts in global economy that affect workplace design.



Oh no! Some people are not in the room!

Gary Kayy interviews Scott Walker, President of Waveguide, on equitable meeting room & ecosystem design, ready for the next normal. He brings a holistic view on how to build an employee experience center, not with desks for doing mails, but with conference rooms for collaboration. He brings the focus on how to bring the remote participant into the room with the right technology.


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