Jul 06, 2022

Hybrid classrooms for a hybrid future: the audio and video experience

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Audio and video quality can make or break the hybrid classroom experience. Crystal clear sound and views will make your hybrid session seamless, collaborative and engaging for everyone.

As mentioned in a previous article, hybrid-classrooms are made possible by integrating powerful software (such as Barco weConnect) and AV equipment including cameras, screens, speakers and microphones into a physical classroom that is correctly set up.  
Today we will expand on a few basic aspects of the audio and video experience in the hybrid classroom. Would you like to go more in-depth? Read everything you should know about hybrid classrooms in our brand-new 21-page e-book

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Audio and video can make or break the hybrid classroom experience. Crystal-clear sound and views will make your hybrid session seamless, collaborative and engaging for everyone. 

High-quality audio is vital for comprehension of complex topics, for understanding remote and onsite peers, and for effective collaboration across media. It is also key to ensuring a seamless, unified, and equitable learning environment that will provide the same level of understanding and of participation to all involved. 

A consistent, high-definition video experience will convey the sense of a shared, unified experience. It will support in-depth collaboration, enhance productivity and help forge meaningful connections. It will aid participants to feel and present their best, at home or onsite.  

Lastly, it will ensure equal visibility for both onsite and remote participants, making the experience inclusive and equitable. Our partner integrators from Vistacom, concur: 

Cameras and microphones are probably the biggest contributor to better hybrid learning. It is possible to deliver a rich experience while keeping the investment to a minimum if we focus on key areas such as audio and proper camera placement.
Matt Boyer, Director of Technology, Vistacom Inc 

What equipment do you need for your hybrid classroom? 




Basic tips and tricks for a great audio and video experience 

  1. Choose a handheld- or ceiling- mic to ensure clear audio both onsite and online. 
  2. Add speakers and mics in the room next to the remote participants´ wall to convey the feeling of being in the same room. 
  3. Install multiple cameras in the room so virtual joiners enjoy a 360-degree view of the room, instructor and onsite participants.

Interested in discovering more about hybrid classroom AV? 

Don´t miss out on more in-depth information in AV in the hybrid classroom. Download our brand-new, 21-page e-book to find out everything you need to know about hybrid classrooms, including:

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  • The entire hybrid ecosystem with all the equipment you need

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