Jul 12, 2022

Why update your ClickShare units this summer

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Updating your ClickShare units is always a good idea. And why not clear up some time in your busy schedule during this sultry summer to make sure your Base Units and Buttons are completely up-to-date?

As an IT-manager you don’t have time to spare. You run from meeting to meeting, move from one big project or roll-out to the next. Futureproofing, managing and updating your tech stack is crucial if you want to make sure your team does not get caught up in daily break & fix. And ideally those updates are automated, seamless and swift.

Timing is everything

Summer seems like the ideal time to get your digital tools updated. Many colleagues are on holiday, so the meeting room occupation is lower. If an issue should arise during an update, you have time to solve the issue. Or not?

With ClickShare, updating to the latest software, can be done at any time, in any season. It’s simple and straightforward. Just connect your Base Unit to the network for automatic updates. Auto-update is on by default, you don’t need to worry. With XMS Cloud Management solution you can even manage and schedule the updates at times more convenient for your company.

This summer is magic

To give employees the greatest in collaboration, make sure your units are secure and powerful at all times. Every software update increases efficiency and security, fixes bugs and brings new functionalities to our wireless meeting experience. Still need reasons to update?

In the upcoming software updates, ClickShare will launch smart meeting flows and digital signage integrations. So, this summer is the ideal time to roll-out updates in your organization.

Smart meeting flows fully automate and enrich the meeting flow for users in the room, making any hybrid meeting highly intuitive, stress-free. Powered by the ClickShare App, running hybrid meetings from your laptop is as simple as making a phone call.



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