Jul 05, 2019

Barco’s Experience Center hosts 2019 European ABPM Conference

Control Room 2 min read last updated on: Mar 20, 2020

Barco was honored to host the 2019 European ABPM Conference, joining an impressive list of previous hosts including Cisco, HP and Microsoft. Over 70 center managers from global giants such as Apple, Ericsson, Google, Hitachi Vantara, KMPG and Microsoft converged at the Barco Experience Center for a range of interactive workshops and educative sessions in the last week of June.

The goal was clear: to enable participants to get their briefing center programs to the next level. The 3-day event included numerous sessions delivering cutting-edge content. Each was presented by industry experts, who shared valuable insights and innovative ideas. ‘The ABPM conference is a chance to bring the best in the business to one place to exchange ideas, learn from the latest innovations and define standards of excellence,’ said Elizabeth Simpson, President, ABPM. ‘We chose speakers to deliver thought-expanding content that will enhance the skills of everyone in attendance.’

Keynote speaker Tobias Degsell, Founder and CEO of COMBINER (and a former curator of the Nobel Prize Museum), kicked off the idea sharing with his speech ‘From Ideas to Reality’. His insights showed how to take a brilliant idea from talk to action. A wide range of other topics were served up by industry experts. From ‘Best Practices in Briefing Operations’ and ‘Content Management Strategies that Elevate Your Customer Experience’, to ‘Current and Future Center Technologies’ and ‘Advocacy Strategies – Engaging with Your Key Stakeholders.’ Liesbet Soenens, Barco’s Experience Center Manager, was amazed by the wealth of information on offer. ‘My mind was buzzing from the very first session,’ she recalls. ‘It is good to learn from other award-winning world-class centers.  The key takeaway is to have your center acknowledged by the management (part of the sales enablement strategy), measure the ROI, have the right tools. And moreover, personalisation and customer experience are not just buzzwords in this world.’

No conference is complete without opportunities for networking. Plenty of time was foreseen in the agenda for that. Barco sponsored a reception on day one. Guests got to know their fellow professionals while enjoying hors d’oeuvres and drinks inspired by the local culture.  As the cherry on the cake, the event included a tour of the Barco Experience Center, which gave unique insight into Barco solutions and technological innovations across different markets and industries.  The conference closed with a dinner reception held at The Comics Art Museum sponsored by the ABPM supplier Downstream.

With the 2019 European Conference, the ABPM realized an incredibly inspiring event. Barco was thrilled to contribute as host and by sharing their leading innovations. The plethora of fresh ideas percolating through attendees will fuel a successful future for all involved.

Ssh, next edition will be held in June 2020 in the city of Amsterdam.

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