May 22, 2019

Making confident diagnoses, faster (Nuevo Leon, Mexico)


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According to a study by the Direccion General de Informacion en Salud (DGIS), Nuevo Leon state in Mexico has the second-highest mortality rate for breast cancer. This probably explains why today, it is one of the regions where healthcare facilities invest more in medical imaging, and mammography imaging, more specifically.1

"Barco displays have had a major impact in my professional life."

Image Director of the Breast Cancer Center at Hospital Zambrano Hellion Monterrey

To educate healthcare professionals in diagnostic imaging, the Nuevo Leon College of Radiology organizes awareness events. These are targeted towards radiologists, gynecologists, X-ray technicians, and professionals in breast radiology. Think of topics such as "Update of BI RADS for mammography", "High-risk injuries", "Diagnostic errors and how to avoid them", etc.

These conferences are hosted by renowned breast physicians, such as Dr. Gloria Palazuelos (Colombia) and Dr. Margarita Garza Montemayor (Mexico).

Dr. Margarita, who has more than 30 years of experience, says that the use of medical-grade displays is of invaluable importance in order to make a timely diagnosis. The accuracy and quality of Barco displays (compared to a negatoscope) combined with the special clinical tools help us to make confident diagnoses, faster, she concludes.

Stand DTEC.ORG Barco Connect! Silver Business Partner

(Estefania Guerra – BDR Mexico, Dr. Margarita Garza, Juan Salgado – Director DTEC)

1Source of information

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