Dec 11, 2019

To be remote or not to be remote? Tips to improve your virtual meetings

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We all have an endless schedule filled with meetings to attend. And many of these meetigs are remote nowadays. Find our top tips & tricks to get the most out of your remote calls.

1 Choose the right tech

Invest in decent tech for conferencing, preferably look for a uniform solution that works with different AV peripherals and UC&C platforms – so catering for BYOD -, compatible in all your huddle, meeting and boardrooms. With the right tool, your remote meetings can be productive and efficient.

2 Create structure

Set up an agenda to be able to focus on desired outcomes & results, have a decent follow-up afterwards and distribute internal rules. Why not take turns when speaking or decide on clear meeting roles?

3 Keep the focus

Avoid distractions like food on the table or having the kids or the dog in the same room as you are. And did you know, checking your mail on your phone is considered to be rude in any meeting 😉

4 Engage with etiquette

Make sure to involve everyone in the conversation, especially try to interact with introverts or remote attendees. Integrate round-table questions to make sure everyone has had a chance to speak up. Don’t use offensive language in heated discussions. Remember that different cultures have different communication styles...

5 Integrate tech in an optimal way

Test the tech upfront and integrate solutions like screen sharing, recording options, chat, whiteboarding, raising your hand... in the meeting flow. Even remote participants can actively take part then. And do switch on that video, talking is so much more natural when you have eye contact and can interpret the body language of your co-workers.

6 Keep an eye on the schedule

Take cultural differences, time zones and working hours into account when planning meetings. And when your regular meeting or conference room is booked, consider a huddle space.

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