Why your video wall needs laser projection

Laser projection: just the sound of it tickles the imagination. It has been successfully introduced in a number of markets, including digital cinema, where it surpasses the expectations of moviegoers. Now, Barco brings laser technology to control rooms. Unlike competitors, Barco's RGB laser series for 24/7 control rooms don't use a color wheel, but RGB laser. This is very much a different technology, offering a lot of advantages in 24/7 environments. Not only because the lifetime is a lot longer, but also because the absence of a rotating phosphor wheel allows more color control and eliminates color breakup. Therefore, on this page we always refer to RGB laser technology.

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Just by hearing the word laser, you think about brightness. And indeed, RGB laser-powered rear-projection video walls are indeed a lot brighter than others. Barco’s RGB laser for 24/7 control rooms for example, are 2x brighter than mainstream LED-lit cubes. This is not only key to wow visitors, but also add to viewing ergonomics. It is now possible to operate under daylight conditions, meaning the curtains of the control room can finally open. What’s more, the brightness is even better suited for 3D stereo virtual reality applications.

Image quality

Sharpness, color accuracy, and contrast. These are the most important parameters that define image quality at a constant resolution. RGB laser excels on all levels. The contrast is higher than with LED-lit video walls, while the colors are more vibrant than ever seen before on rear-projection cubes. All nuances are clearly distinguishable, so that nothing is misinterpreted and situational awareness is enhanced. And because there is no color break-up at any time, the clear images that operators need are guaranteed.


Where LED illumination already was a giant step forward in terms of reliability compared to lamps, RGB laser goes a lot further. With a lifetime of 100,000 hours (that is more than 11 years in 24/7 mode!), RGB laser is by far the most reliable light source available. This means less maintenance, and thus less service costs.


Although the RGB laser displays for 24/7 control rooms are extremely reliable, we really don’t want to leave anything to chance. That’s why we provide redundancy for the most critical components: the light sources – including drivers and inputs – and, optionally, the power supplies as well. And because these power units can be placed remotely (in a separate server room, for example), they can be serviced without interrupting operations. Barco's Sense X automatic calibration technology ensures perfectly balanced color and brightness levels over the entire video wall canvas.

Eco friendly

With a power consumption at 25% lower of that of conventional LED-lit cubes (yet higher brightness), and an energy efficiency boost of 3x Lumens/Watt, Barco’s RGB laser cubes are not only good for the energy bill, but for the environment too! They have the additional advantage of the heat dissipation being a lot lower, meaning that less intense cooling can be used. Low-noise fans are sufficient, which reduces the overall noise level of the video wall to ‘library’ level (around 40 dB).


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