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Virtual classroom, real learning.

Whether they´re getting an MBA on the go or picking up a new skill after hours, for some learners, physically getting to class is a barrier. Barco offers a real-life alternative. With weConnect, they can learn in a fun, interactive way, enjoy meaningful collaboration and get quality support and feedback while tuning in online. It´s time to break out of the classroom and join a first-class teaching and learning experience.

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"When you get into the room, we can make it incredibly experiential and very interactive. In this context, the teaching role moves from instructor to one of facilitator or coach. This is very powerful for all involved."

Gerry Murray, Consultant and Trainer

"Barco’s virtual classroom offers an obvious two-way engagement between the educator and the virtual classroom, which allows us to do an awful lot more with participation. We can have open-line discussions in a way that is moderated, controlled and meaningful."

John Kelly, Professor at UCL

We connect you with your audience

Never lose sight of your participants again

Make an impact on every single person in your audience, encourage quality interaction and share varied, interactive content such as videos, polls and quizzes. Monitor participants and offer support whenever necessary, even in breakout rooms, thanks to the outstanding capabilities. Get user analytics to optimize future classes and learning outcomes.

We connect you with your peers

Breaking the ice has never been easier

Form strong ties with your peers in a fun, interactive learning environment thanks to weConnect. Our solution allows for quality engagement and in-depth collaboration so you can enjoy a rich learning experience. Join our enhanced breakout rooms, access and share content easily. Get ready for creative ideation and inspiring brainstorm sessions.

We connect you with your organization

Delight your stakeholders and enjoy peace of mind

Rest assured that with our hassle-free virtual classroom solution you will effortlessly enable trainers or faculty to deliver high-quality, impactful, digital learning experiences. weConnect is easy to install, its powerful functionalities are user-friendly and intuitive, and it requires minimal guidance and support.

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'Learning in the digital era'