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Remote work is everywhere, so why not make it happen to achieve better patient outcomes in surgery? With NexxisLive, you can involve the right people for any intervention, wherever they are. Teleassistance, teleconferencing and telementoring: the platform expands your OR, virtually and securely. 

Collaborate efficiently with experts through teleconferencing

Immerse your students through telementoring

Manage procedures and equipment easily through telemonitoring and teleassistance

Showcase your surgeries to a worldwide audience

NexxisLive guarantees an immersive experience, thanks to the possibility of sending out multiple video streams at once. Assistants can remotely support with medical equipment, participants anywhere can collaborate seamlessly and intuitively, and surgeons can optimize their efficiency.

NexxisLive works on a “Bring Your Own Device” basis: you can access a session via a secure online link, on any type of connected device. Learn more about remote surgical collaboration here.

Expand your OR in real-time


  • Consult remote experts during surgery
  • Showcase your surgery to remote students or experts around the globe

Collaborate seamlessly with your colleagues

  • Guide your peers via telestration on the live video
  • Talk, chat and draw as if you're all in the same OR

Train and evaluate junior surgeons

  • Show junior surgeons and trainees how to perform a procedure
  • Remotely monitor, guide and evaluate junior surgeons in the OR

Ask for technical assistance


  • Consult technical equipment experts at any moment
  • Fasten learning curves for new technologies with remote assistance

NexxisLive at AZ Groeninge hospital, Belgium

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A wide array of applications

See the possibilities of NexxisLive at a glance

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Collaborate seamlessly

As a remote participant, your NexxisLive cockpit on the OR gives you all the information to follow and assist your colleagues before, during or after the surgery.

  • Share multiple video streams
  • Communicate via high-quality audio or via chat messaging
  • Use the bi-directional, surgical annotation toolset

Expand your OR in real-time

As a surgeon, you can conduct your surgery without any interruption. Whenever you need to consult one or more remote experts during a surgery, with NexxisLive you can virtually expand your operating room to whomever is needed, with full flexibility on the contents to be shared.

Train and evaluate junior surgeons

Students can follow your surgery live from any location, such as the university aula or their student room. The reverse is also possible: you can remotely follow and mentor junior surgeons during their first procedures.

Get the technical assistance you need

NexxisLive is also perfectly suited for technical assistance. Representatives of medical integration or device companies can assist you at your request. With options such as remote room camera control, they can point out what to do to address a problem.

Does NexxisLive guarantee patient privacy?

Of course. When sharing, patient privacy is the #1 priority. NexxisLive has all security measures in place and is designed to protect patient information in line with GDPR regulations.

Your benefits


  • Combine brainpower, and advance clinical trials and research
  • Involve more people without crowding the OR
  • Achieve better outcomes thanks to more efficient collaboration


  • Give every student a front-row seat to observe more live surgeries
  • And allow the necessary people to observe their first hands-on procedures
  • Spread your expertise to affiliated universities and other hospitals


  • Save travel time, costs and emissions
  • Use and evaluate your ORs more effectively
  • Improve your hospital's reputation and ROI


  • Centralize surgical assistance across campuses
  • Enable MedTech service employees to help you more efficiently with faulty equipment
  • Get new technology training and demos remotely

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