Step into the hybrid way of working

The future is in the cloud. All across the world, companies and organizations are turning to cloud-based solutions to store, guard, and process their data. Parallel to this, new generations are entering the workforce, expecting to be able to maintain a healthy life-work balance. The key in both trends is technology, which is advancing fast in order to turn these new needs into realities.

At Barco, we're all set to jump on the train, so we can enable flexible virtual solutions for your company. Not just remote, but hybrid. Hybrid means a healthy mix of onsite and remote work, a fruitful collaboration between colleagues, departments, sites, and external stakeholders. So you can enjoy efficient workflows for yourself and easy collaboration with your peers.

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Hybrid collaboration in every environment

Better hybrid meetings in the workplace

Run better hybrid meetings from your laptop with only one click. Walk into the room, ClickShare Conference instantly and wirelessly connects your laptop to room cameras, speakerphones, sound bars. No cables, no mess, no time to waste. Use your preferred UC&C solution and switch platforms easily.

Radiology at home

Home reading has become a top trend in radiology. Still, radiologists need to process large image files on medical-grade displays. In addition, these displays need to be calibrated correctly, and their quality and compliance checked regularly. The right tools and platforms can help you with that.

Real-time engagement in the hybrid classroom

In teaching and training environments, engagement and interaction are key to transfer new information well. weConnect was created together with the world’s leading   corporate L&D departments, training organizations or business schools in order to ensure the best experience for both instructors and learners.

Secure streaming from your control room

SecureStream is a media streaming solution that makes sharing content from the control room to external stakeholders easy and secure. By simply dragging and dropping video or data sources, control room operators can easily inform and consult external parties.

Be the maestro of your hybrid events

A well-prepared script and a switcher with a wide range of possibilities give virtual and hybrid events that extra touch that turns them from successful into memorable. Play around with input and output sources and create the perfect composition for your hybrid event!

Remote technology management

The advent of television did not threaten cinemas, and VOD is finding its place as third brother of the two. Similarly, hybrid work won’t do away with the physical office, where we meet our colleagues and customers. Still, also there, technology has advanced as far as to make it easier to manage your premises. Discover our solutions for remote tech management:

Insights Management Suite

Insights Management Suite is our cloud-based IoT solution for enhanced projector management. The connectivity platform simplifies and facilitates remote monitoring and serviceability of your projectors.

QAWeb Enterprise

QAWeb Enterprise helps you manage quality and assure compliance of your expanding healthcare enterprise with less effort, lower cost, and complete confidence.

XMS Cloud Management

The XMS Cloud Management Platform provides an easy interface for remote and reliable device management and brings useful analytics to drive the digital workplace.

Video wall Management Suite

Video wall Management Suite is our cloud-based solution for enhanced large video wall management. In a completely secure way, this platform allows managing your complete installed base from a central location for faster and more effective troubleshooting.

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