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Real-life remote learning in the weConnect virtual classroom

Would you like to connect to your global workforces or learners worldwide in a meaningful way? Teach and train remotely and effectively while strengthening relationships across borders? At the same time, deliver a rich, digitalized, and engaging experience? The weConnect virtual classroom is the answer.

Why choose a virtual classroom?

Enjoy a purpose-built solution. Virtual classrooms are built specifically for successful remote teaching and training, unlike virtual conferencing solutions.

Enable high levels of engagement and interactivity thanks to the dedicated features and the right setup to spot disengaged or confused learners.

Scale your teaching and training efforts globally. Bring together talents worldwide and deliver programs that transcend borders.

Be more inclusive. It is perfect for learners that can’t join a physical classroom due to distance, varied disabilities or juggling multiple responsibilities such as full-time jobs and family.

Reduce costs and your CO2 footprint by removing travelling, accommodation and catering needs while not compromising on teaching and training quality. Reduce other requirements such as rental space, maintenance, utilities and printed materials.

Make an impact with the weConnect virtual classroom

In the weConnect virtual classroom, everyone will enjoy a first-class experience.

  • Instructors enjoy an unparalleled view of their audience, allowing them to spot learners requiring support, and convey their learnings in an engaging way
  • Participants learn in a fun, interactive manner and enjoy meaningful collaboration thanks to our enhanced breakout rooms, quizzes and polls, whiteboard and pins or multiple content streams
  • Installation is hassle free, our platform is user-friendly, its powerful functionalities are intuitive, and our team is always happy to assist.

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weConnect for upskilling global retail workforces

Walmart invested in virtual classroom technology powered by Barco weConnect to upskill its workforces at a global level, as part of the retailer’s commitment to offer impactful, high-quality training. The technology is part of the Walmart Academy’s immersive training program that teaches retail skills and soft skills like leadership, communication and change management.

INSEAD executive education from anywhere in the world

INSEAD is a leading business schools with locations across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America. More than 11,000 executives participate in INSEAD's executive education programmes each year. The weConnect virtual classroom powers INSEAD GO-Live, a ground-breaking experience helping executives learn from anywhere in the world.

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Virtual classroom, real learning

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