Deliver flexible learning with the weConnect hybrid classroom

Enabling hybrid learning (also known as blended learning) is an imperative in the digital era. Organizations must be ready to train their workforce flexibly, while higher education institutions must prepare their learners to lead in a hybrid working world. Hybrid learning methods are numerous and solutions like weConnect help you achieve the desired results regardless of the preferred method. 

Why choose a hybrid classroom?

Learning in the hybrid classroom occurs synchronously. Participants attend sessions at a designated time by connecting virtually or coming to the physical classroom, while the instructor joins exclusively onsite. What are the advantages?

Best of both worlds. Learners benefit from a varied learning path, get to know their peers and/or instructor in person and online.

Glocalization. Participants will enjoy a melting pot of global and local insights and enable an enriching learning experience.

Attendance flexibility. According to preference or availability, participants can join virtually or physically. Expanding the model to allow learners to pick for each session if they come to class or tune in online at their convenience is called the hyflex model.

Impactful live sessions in the weConnect hybrid classroom

The weConnect hybrid classroom enables:

Flexible experiences. Learners join either onsite or online. If connected remotely, they only require a stable internet connection.

Seamless, unified sessions. Participants enjoy the same experience and collaboration features regardless of being remote or in the classroom, while the instructor does not have to switch between audiences.

Meaningful interaction and high engagement. With dedicated features such as multiple content streams and cameras, polls and quizzes, enhanced attention levels and in-depth collaboration are guaranteed.

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Hybrid classroom setups

Hybrid auditorium

Hybrid interactive classroom

Flexible, forward-thinking learning experiences at King’s College

King’s College in the U.S. is dedicated to transforming the hearts and minds of students through its commitment to the art and science of teaching. They are enabling bright learning outcomes, flexibly and interactively, via a weConnect hybrid classroom. With a virtual wall for 48 students and collaborative pods with 24 seats, all learners enjoy a similar experience that is collaborative, engaging and digitalized.

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