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Barco's networked visualization system TransForm N

Control rooms are becoming increasingly complex environments. The introduction of big data, with an exponential growth of information, is offering a lot of new opportunities for users - but puts a lot more strain on the IT infrastructure. TransForm N, Barco's networked visualization platform, is a powerful answer to today's challenges.

With this centralized media management platform, you can figure how and where content is available and displayed. A modular system, TransForm N can be easily expanded and grows with your needs, in a secure way. The family of media management graphics processors (consisting of encoders, decoders, server nodes and collaboration sofware systems) allows smart distribution of information, for enhanced situational awareness.  


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Ultimate reliability

TransForm N was designed to ensure 24/7 performance. We know that your control room is a critical environment, so we make sure that the right content is available at the right place - and at the right time. Ensuring security is a key aspect of TransForm N, and with over 20 years of experience in the control room market we have the needed know-how to uphold this at all time. Using premium graphics cards and processors, the system guarantees a superb visual experience and precision. High density and high framerate content can be displayed in any resolution.

Towards smarter decisions

The goal of a networked visualization system is to enable smarter decision-making. By providing situational awareness at all time, TransForm N gives all stakeholders the needed information to grasp the complete picture of the situation. Content sources can be visualized on a control room video wall or any other display inside or outside your control room. Using CMS, Barco's control room management suite, the content can be easily managed.

Flexible scalability

Your organization is a dynamic environment. So why would you accept your networked visualization platform to be static with no room for expansion? That is why Barco's TransForm N grows with your needs. The modular architecture allows easy wall extensions and adding extra rooms to the systems, including break-out rooms, training rooms, ... What's more, adding additional input sources is just a matter of introducing extra hardware boxes to the system, in a plug-and-play-like philosophy. The list of supported codecs and formats is extensive, so any type of source can be easily integrated into the system.

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