WallConnect Cloud

Cloud-based platform for enhanced large video wall management

Key Value proposition:

   ✔   Manage the complete installed base from a central location
   ✔   Offer lower and predictable operational costs
   ✔   Ensure faster and more effective troubleshooting
   ✔   Increase customer satisfaction
   ✔   Drive productivity

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Your eye in the sky

Optimized management

The Barco WallConnect Cloud platform allows you to get rid of time-consuming and error-prone manual administration thanks to the automatic cloud-based storage of video walls usage data and their critical operational parameters (brightness, temperature, settings …). Its live dashboard gives real-time information on the operating conditions of the video walls allowing you to manage in the most efficient way.

Get notified

Diagnose and solve issues before they turn into failures thanks to the e-mail warning notifications. You have all the tools for more effective and prompt remote assistance.

Security and privacy by design

The state-of-the-art security ensures complete data protection. The WallConnect Cloud Platform has been designed with security as a top priority throughout its full lifetime. Extensive threat modelling, setting security baseline requirements, vulnerability management and penetration testing all contribute in making WallConnect Cloud a highly secure solution for remote large video wall management. Thanks to the encrypted communication and turn off connectivity at any moment in the device settings.

The WallConnect Cloud Platform is based on Microsoft Azure cloud technology.

Plug and play

You can access the WallConnect Cloud platform on any device with internet access, whether it’s your laptop, mobile phone or tablet. The WallConnect Cloud data can also easily be combined with your own tools and processes using APIs.


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3 flavors of WallConnect Cloud

Based upon your needs and requirements, you can choose between three subscription models of WallConnect Cloud. Monitor, Diagnose and Control offer you exactly the capabilities you need to uphold the service level agreements.


Do you want to get rid of time-consuming and error-prone manual administration of your video walls fleet? WallConnect Cloud ‘Monitor’ package, with its live dashboard, gives you an overview of the installed base and provides you with a quick snapshot of the critical operational parameters (brightness, temperature, settings …). Additionally, you can take custom notes to track maintenance history.


Stop losing precious time with endless back-and-forth communication to diagnose the most straightforward issues. Next to all the features available in the Monitor package, the Diagnose option provides additional tools to remotely determine the nature of an issue. This includes a dashboard with the current health issues (errors and warnings) and a prediction of potential health issues based on our rule-based analytics. You can even get notified by e-mail when an error or warning pop up, for immediate attention.


Do you like to remotely control the operation of the video wall and need to integrate WallConnect Cloud data into your own dashboards? WallConnect Cloud ‘Control’ package allows you to remotely control (On/off, FW upgrades …) directly from the Cloud dashboard and provides cloud data through an API for integration into your own software packages.
More features are being added to the Control package. Stay tuned! 

WallConnect Cloud offerings and packages





Central view of all connected video walls
View and compare all critical parameters across displays
Take custom notes
Role-based access control>
View warranty or maintenance contract status
History overview of all critical parameters of displays Unlimited
View wall brightness variations over a period


View current health issues (errors/warnings)
Predict potential health issues (rule based analytics)
Trigger and download a diagnostics package
Easy log file viewer
Wall configuration back-up in the cloud
Receive health notifications by email
View health issue history
User configurable rules for notifications through email
Remote control, configuration & mgmt. of video wall
Access WallConnect Cloud data through API
Additional features – coming soon!  ✔

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