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Challenges when dealing
with millions of pixels

A projection mapping guide

Projection mapping is the key to strong storytelling, innovative marketing and just all-round entertainment. However, it does require skills and deliberate planning to create the visual feast you envision.

In the guide you’ll learn more about

  • why this artistic play with light is the perfect way to create memorable events,
  • how a projection mapping experience comes about – from idea to stage,
  • and what to keep in mind when choosing a projector for your spectacular.

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We want to learn more from your experiences. What are your biggest challenges when setting up a projection mapping? Share your thoughts in our survey. 

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Barco solutions

Let your creativity run free with visualization and processing equipment that excels in flexibility.


Our video projectors come in a wide range of brightness and resolutions. Thanks to their incredible color accuracy they are able to cover varying surfaces, from red bricks to shiny metallics. And their rugged design is the ideal solution for outdoor mappings.

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Image processing

Our presentation switchers are the most advanced video processing and presentation control systems on the market today. They enable the perfect mix of virtual images with the physical world with zero-stress image blending and warping.

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Customer stories

Barco has an impressive track record with projection mappings all around the world.

On the streets or inside, for big or small projects, permanent setups or temporary events… We know how to enable your creativity. Make your projection mapping catch the eye.

From important product launches, to national holiday celebrations, and major sports events: you can find more inspiring customer stories in the guide.