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Our medical display systems help radiologists see the smallest clinical details, make swift and confident diagnoses, and enable better health outcomes.



Increase diagnostic accuracy



Improve breast cancer
detection rates

Clinical specialties

Clinical specialties

Improve image review and
collaboration with specialists

Proven to increase detection

Radiologists want to detect suspicious findings in the earliest stage. Our diagnostic displays come with unique image-enhancing technologies, such as the removal of screen non-uniformities and anti-blurring during cine imaging, so you can see the most subtle clinical details. 
Did you know our flagship diagnostic display, Coronis Uniti®, has proven to increase the detection probability of small microcalcifications by up to 30%?* Read more.

Improve clinical productivity

Work smarter with our specially designed toolset for radiologists. These tools will help you enhance clinical accuracy, reduce eye fatigue and accelerate workflow. Read more.

Save time and money

Reduce the time and money you spend on managing quality, compliance and security of medical displays. Did you know Barco’s QAWeb software helps medium-sized hospitals save 10% off their medical displays servicing bill?* What’s more, with Barco, you’ll always be ready for new imaging trends and changing regulatory requirements. Read more.

It is evident that Nio 5MP helps faster and more accurate diagnoses.

Dr. Med. Dr. Luqman Adji Saptogino
Sp.Rad. (K), Sp. KN-Radiology department, RSPI Pondok Indah

Our hospital uses the best medical diagnostic-grade displays. Barco.

Dr. Rahmi Alfiah Nur Alam
Sp.Rad (K-RA)-Radiology department, RSPI Puri Indah hospital

The Barco Nio 5MP offers a clarity and accuracy that helps me to diagnose more quickly.

Dr. Felly Sahli, Sp.Rad
Radiology department, RSPI Bintaro Jaya

The Barco displays offer outstanding image quality. They’re loaded with features that make them the most efficient screens in radiology.

Chen Yung-Fang
Director of Radiology at China Medical University Hospital

With Barco diagnostic-grade medical displays, we are able to see more clearly, which definitely helps us to diagnose more accurately.

Dr. Dian Atmaja
Sp. Rad, Radiologist in R.S. Grha Kedoya

Flagship solutions

One display. Any Image.

Coronis Uniti®

Bright in every way.

Coronis Fusion

More screen. More mammo.

Nio Color 5MP

Work smarter, not harder.

Workflow Tools

Worry-free QA & calibration.


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