Screen Management Systems

Scalable quality, consistent performance

Use the most advanced video processing and screen management presentation switchers in your applications.

Advanced screen mapping, expandable configurations and the integrated control of multiple screens make it easier to totally wow your customers, your internal audiences or any other stakeholders.

True 4K at 60fps ensures striking images, while reliable, flexible and field serviceable performance guarantees you a future-proof system and complete peace of mind.

Scalable architecture - from conference rooms to the largest auditoriums and visitor experience centers - combined with custom Build-to-Order offers the best return on your investment.

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 True 4K images under one frame latency @ 60Hz

 Flexible layered windowing of inputs with smooth and seamless transitions

 Uncompromising color with 12 bit 444 with HDR processing

 Full API for external control with available Overture and Crestron drivers

Screen management portfolio

These are our in-stock configurations based on canvas, input/output flexibility and available PIP windows. If one of the standard configurations doesn't fit your project, contact us for a quote for a Build-to-Order solution
PDS-4K Board rooms, Seminar Rooms
S3-4K BTO Auditoriums, Lobbies, Experience Center
E2 Gen 2 BTO Auditoriums, Lobbies, Experience Center
PDS-4K Up to 4K (10MP)
S3-4K BTO Up to 2x 4K (20MP)
E2 Gen 2 BTO Up to 4x 4K (40MP)
PDS-4K Up to 2x outputs + 6x copies
S3-4K BTO Up to 12x outputs
E2 Gen 2 BTO Up to 16x outputs
PDS-4K 2x per output
S3-4K BTO 8
E2 Gen 2 BTO 16
E2 Gen 2 BTO
Typical applications
Board rooms, Seminar Rooms Auditoriums, Lobbies, Experience Center Auditoriums, Lobbies, Experience Center
Maximum canvas
Up to 4K (10MP) Up to 2x 4K (20MP) Up to 4x 4K (40MP)
Maximum outputs
Up to 2x outputs + 6x copies Up to 12x outputs Up to 16x outputs
Maximum inputs
10 12 32
PiP windows
2x per output 8 16
Expansion with linking
More details More details More details

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