Technology plays a crucial part in keeping today’s fast moving and increasingly more populated cities livable. That is why many urban organizations are investing heavily in modernizing their infrastructure and equipment. However, you can only talk about smart cities if all these pieces of technology are connected to exchange information.

Smart city video walls for optimal situational awareness

Today, there are 7 billion earthlings. Half of these are city dwellers. It’s obvious that such an explosive growth in population has its consequences for the infrastructure. The only way to cope with these challenges is by building safe and smarter systems.

One of the keys to smart systems is information. We help professionals to collaborate better and get the most out of the available information, by optimizing distribution and visualization of all kinds of data. In this way, Barco’s smart solution help to eliminate complexity and bring clarity into a world of chaos in a large number of markets, including security & surveillance, telecommunications, traffic management, business, entertainment and healthcare and help building safe and smart cities.

How Barco helps?

  • Networked visualization for signals coming from CCTV cameras, GPS trackers or sensors
  • Flexibility to visualize big data on large video walls, PC or even remotely on smart phones
  • Single command center for all data sources for smarter decision making
  • Situational awareness and improved situation management for safe cities



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