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UDM. M is for more.

    • Light-weight laser projectors
    • Dazzling color performance
    • Strong and rugged design
    • Access to Barco's cloud-based Insights Management Suite

The list of benefits from our new game changing UDM platform is endless.

Technical superiority, maximum ease-of-use, astonishing versatility…

We made zero concessions to give you the best there is.

So why choose, if you can have it all?

Meet the UDM. 

Barco UDM family 

NEW!! Discover the UDM-4K30 and UDM-W30.


Why choose UDM?

Create impactful experiences with the light-weight and compact UDM which never compromises on the image quality or brightness of your projection.

Trust the UDM's robustness to withstand hard life on the road, and deliver superior quality in the most diverse setups due to its exceptional flexibility.

Enjoy complete peace-of-mind thanks to the modular design ensuring fast and simple serviceability.

Keep track of your projectors anywhere and anytime thanks to Barco's Insights Management Suite.

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15K to 29K lumens; 4K or WUXGA. We have it all. Check the product pages for more detailed information or download the UDM brochure below.

Download UDM brochure


Barco Insights Management Suite is based on a 3-level subscription model. Check out the leaflet below to see all the features and possibilities you can to benefit from.

Download Barco Insights Management Suite leaflet


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