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When clear becomes brilliant. Impressive becomes epic. And informative becomes enchanting. A diamond has many facets. And so does visualization. So let’s make every facet shine and transform visual content into impactful experiences.

Visualization in all its facets

Convince through colors

From control rooms where the smallest color deviation can influence mission-critical decisions, to production sets entertaining viewers with stunning and brilliant backdrops. Whenever true colors matter, Barco has you covered.

Deliver every detail

With our visualization solutions you know your visuals will be rendered just the way you intended to. The outstanding calibration capabilities ensure visual accuracy across the entire display.  A perfect wall, always!

Lifetime unlimited

Our products are designed to stand the test of time, offering consistent quality and reliable performances, day after day! You can be sure of top-notch technologies and professional support for complete peace-of-mind, now and well into the future. 

Image processing and content control

Next to the broad portfolio of the different technologies, Barco has always raised the bar with in-house developed image processing technologies to give you the perfectly balanced image at all times to create the best impact. From Sense X, the continuous and real-time color and brightness calibration system for rear-projection and LCD walls, to InfiniPixTM for LED processing to keep the same color accuracy, grey scale levels and details.

And to make your content really shine the way you want it, we also have the controllers and screen management systems you need to manage multiple signals in perfect sync and get full control with a single click.


Whatever your project, partnering with Barco will make your content shine. With professional  support and services for smooth installation and maintenance of your video walls, our BarcoCare packages guarantee maximum up-time and worry-free outcomes for everyone involved.

Configure your future video wall

It’s not easy to visualize the indoor video wall that best suits your application. You will have operational, business or experience requirements that will need to be realized. Having the ability to see how this can look within an environment and using the option for different technologies is a real benefit when investigating video walls. To make things a bit easier for you, Barco introduced the video wall configurator. This online tool allows you to fully configure a video wall and immediately get an impression of how it will look within your specific environment.

Start configuring

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The choice of the best video wall for you depends on various criteria. Reach out and together we can find the solution that transforms your content into a unique viewing experience.
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