wepresent - your ideas, your way

wePresent wireless presentation gateways bring ideas to life for classrooms, corporations and government organizations. The wePresent accessory line builds upon the onboard features of the wePresent products by expanding the possibilities for your meeting and learning experiences and allowing you to tailor your presentation solution to your organization’s unique environment.

Extending your presentation options SharePod

SharePod allows any HDMI source to utilize the advanced features on the wePresent device such as the 4-to-1 projection, onscreen annotation, WebSlides and more.

Pair SharePod to your wePresent gateway, connect your HDMI source to the SharePod, press the button and begin presenting your HDMI device.

Quicker connections with PresentSense

What if your devices knew exactly which room you walked into, and which wePresent screens you wanted to use?

PresentSense is an intelligent USB Bluetooth accessory that allows any wePresent unit the ability to sense when a user is near, for a faster and simpler connection experience.

Central management: Collaboration ManagementSuite

Collaboration Management Suite (CMGS) is a must for large wePresent installs or environments utilizing both ClickShare and wePresent solutions.

Manage your organization’s complete fleet of units via the web-based tool, allowing system administrator’s access to units remotely and on demand.