Barco Escape

Three-screen immersive cinema format

  • Ultra-wide three-screen format for the ultimate immersive cinema experience
  • Turnkey installation and set up
  • Fully DCI-compliant and automated

About Barco Escape

Barco Escape expands the possibilities of the auditorium with the installation of two additional side screens, driven by two DP2K-20C cinema projectors. The projectors in the auditorium are housed in hushboxes to deliver a premium experience without unnecessary background noise. For easy service and maintenance, side projectors are mounted on a lift access mechanism.

Revealing the premium potential

Barco Escape offers a wide immersive experience while still allowing you to run regular movie content when you are not in 'Escape mode'. 

The reveal:
  • Moves two side screens automatically in place
  • Opens the side curtains 
  • Brings bottom masking into place on the front screen

The transition to Barco Escape is fully automated by the playlist.

The system is powered by Barco Alchemy servers and is fully DCI compliant. Barco Escape delivers streamlined and standardized operations for you and the studio which means content is distributed via a single Barco Escape DCP while ingest, playback and scheduling is done via the main booth projector. Our approach allows you to feel confident that your Barco Escape presentation runs smoothly.

Barco Escape is suitable for auditoriums with screen sizes ranging from 11 to 22 m (36 - 70 ft) wide giving you a wider range of options within the theater.

Barco Escape

  • Auto transition
  • Noise cancellation
  • DCI compliant

Barco Escape

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Barco Escape
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