BarcoGraphics 6400i

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About BarcoGraphics 6400i

The BarcoGraphics 6400i provides a unique solution for high-end visual presentations in boardrooms, conference rooms, training and education centres. High brightness (3,000 ANSI lumens), a new 600 Watt lamp design and state-of-the-art XGA polysilicon LCD panels, which ensures natural, uniform images with a remarkable level of color saturation. Thanks to its optional network capabilities, integration in the company network is easy, reducing the total cost of ownership.


Dazzling brightness!
  • Light output of 3,000 ANSI lumens!
  • Features three 1,8" polysilicon LCD panels.
  • Includes a powerful metal-halide lamp!
Exceptional image quality!
  • High quality lenses deliver razor sharp images in every corner and provide superior images without geometric distortion.
  • Ideal performance for data images thanks to state-of-the-art optics!
  • Images with astonishing realism and vibrant colors thanks to Barco's patented TCRPlus Processing Software (True Color Reproduction).
  • Resolution: high-quality XGA panels
  • Thanks to Barco's patented Pixel Map Processor, the projector optimizes the resolution of the incoming sources automatically to map the resolution of the LCD panels. Result: crisp graphics with smooth and exceptionally readable characters at all times.
Silent & flexible
  • Projector automatically recognizes the incoming source and optimizes all display settings thanks to AutoImage feature.
  • The Projectors offer a light output of 3,000 ANSI lumens, but a noise level below 39 dB(A), thanks to the low noise design! No unwanted distraction for the audience - a common complaint with conventional projectors.
  • Easy-to-use remote controls. Backlit infrared remote control with 5 Quick Access Keys for instant access to features like motorized zoom and focus, lens shift, contrast and brightness. Exclusive "executive" remote control available with built-in mouse control and integrated laser pointer will easily direct the audience's attention to a certain part of the screen.
  • Need higher light output? Need redundancy for critical presentations? Projector stacking can be done without frames. The motorized lens shift makes projection from an indirect angle possible.
  • Digital keystone correction.
Connect virtually anything!
  • For double or triple stacking applications and easy monitoring, an active SDI &SDO loop-through is provided.
  • Connect your projector to the corporate network thanks to 10-base T interface, reducing the cost of ownership and resulting in an improved & faster maintenance service
  • Compatible with all analog & digital sources with resolutions of up to 1280 x 1024 pixels.
  • Connect any PC, notebook, (HD)TV, VCR, DVD, digital video, digital camera or camcorder thanks to the wide array of input connections: Video, S-Video, RGB, VGA, RS232 and Audio.
  • Ready to connect future digital sources thanks to optional SDI and FireWire™ connections.
  • Automatic recognition of sources and intelligent user-adjustable priority switching.
Networked - easy to control and manage!
  • Thanks to the optional Ethernet 10-base T interface, the projector becomes an IP addressable device and can be connected to the company network. Reduce the total cost of ownership:

    • control and monitor all functions of the projector (brightness, contrast, keystone correction and on/standby) from any networked location, the maintenance office or even remotely

    • receive information about the status of different projectors via email (warnings in power supplies, as well as lamp life, run time and software version)
    • easy software upgrades via the corporate network
    • all of these features result in an improved and faster maintenance service.
      Example: "Lamp warning" email will keep you up-to-date on the status of the lamp life for all your projectors at your company site.

Broad range of flexible lenses
  • Barco offers 7 easy-to-replace lenses, allowing projection from practically any position and throw distance, without losing brightness . Choice between fixed focal or zoom lenses going from 0.8 up to 7 times the screen width.
  • Easy table or ceiling mount, choose front or rear projection. Thanks to the motorized lens shift, on-site adjustments are easy, the projector can be placed off-axis up to 112% horizontally and 120% vertically.
Future Proof
  • Solid & reliable projector thanks to rugged, die-cast aluminium cabinet.
  • Wide range of connectivity: ready to attach current & future digital sources with SDI and FireWire™ connections.
  • Mature projection platform. Barco continues to develop and invest in this successful range of projectors.

BarcoGraphics 6400i

BarcoGraphics 6400i
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