Coronis 2MP (MFGD-2320)

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About Coronis 2MP (MFGD-2320)

Coronis 2MP (1600 x 1200 resolution) offers softcopy performance without compromise. The system's short response time and high on-axis contrast ratio make it ideally suited to display moving images. The display system features IPS (In-Plane Switching). This technology provides enhanced viewing angle characteristics, making it easier for an additional radiologist to aid in the diagnosis from a different viewing position.
Coronis 2MP features both digital and analog inputs. For use in legacy applications with analog signals, the flat panel display is also available as a standalone unit. Its accurate signal conversion and high brightness make it the perfect solution to upgrade existing CRT-based systems with state-of-the-art technology. Coronis 2MP can be combined with Barco's Portrait Accelerator, which eliminates software-related application slow-downs in portrait viewing and assures full performance in portrait mode.


  • Lowest cost of ownership thanks to Barco's revolutionary PIN concept
  • Continuous DICOM-compliant imaging thanks to integrated I-Guard® technology
  • Superior image quality in all environments thanks to high contrast ratio and luminance
  • Automated quality thanks to intervention-free QA
  • Full range of configurations: available as single- and multi-head systems
  • All-inclusive display system, including display controller, QA software, portrait/landscape accelerator, cables and driver
  • Ergonomic design with protective front cover
  • Real plug and play

Coronis 2MP (MFGD-2320)

Coronis 2MP (MFGD-2320)
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