Dual State Xserver

Xserver package for operational display systems

About Dual State Xserver

Barco's new Xserver package allows two sets of software applications to run simultaneously in hot stand-by configuration on the same graphics board without sharing the same software resources. The Dual State Xserver is a powerful solution for the display of X Window graphics in operational display system environments, where high-level redundancy and network-centricity is of critical importance.

Barco's new Dual State Xserver perfectly fits into a philosophy of network-centric visualization where the graphics visualization function is separated as much as possible from the application function, hereby increasing the overall performance of the system and avoiding possible integration issues.


Barco’s patent pending Dual State Xserver, allows main and fallback applications to be hardware accelerated on the same graphics board, with one application being actively shown and while keeping Xserver resources separated in two states. This results in optimal performance of both applications. The active state can be swapped through remote control or hot key. The Dual State functionality is fully transparent to the actual application, so no modifications need to be made.

Barco's Dual State Xserver is compatible with Barco's full line of visualization hardware components, including the high-performance PVS6700 PCI graphics generator and the VISONA graphics display server. In the near future, the Dual State Xserver will also be made compatible with Barco's fully integrated 2Kx2K display station ISONA.

Dual State Xserver

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