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About DV-100

High-end video processing

With the DV-100 LED Image Processor, Barco offers high-end video processing technology for basic LED applications. Specifically designed for the V-series LED displays, the processing unit is the exact same Athena™ scaler as in the high-class DX-100 and DX-700 processors. Even for less demanding markets, Barco is not compromising on video processing quality.

Extensive source compatibility and setup possibilities

Next to supporting standard inputs up to single-link HD-SDI, the V-series also support new standards like 3G SDI, HDMI and Display port. The DV-100 is managed and controlled by the dedicated V-series Toolset (VTS), a direct derivative of the high-class Director Toolset. The VTS comes with an intuitive interface for easy display management and offers advanced options such as brightness, gamma and color temperature control and display configuration. Communication between the DV-100 and VTS occurs via VVI (V-series Video Interface) routed over a standard CAT5 cable.

  • designed for LED displays
  • I/O compatibility with sources up to 1080p HD
  • preview your screen output
  • VTS compatible


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