ENA-340 Encoder

4K AV-to-IP adapter for uncompromised media distribution

  • AV-to-IP conversion at the source with automatic resolution detection or a full custom setup
  • Seamless keyboard & mouse experience
  • Mono-directional audio support
  • Easy configuration & management via Enterprise Virtual Matrix management platform
  • Streaming in uncompressed RAW format up to 4K@60fps resolution via a single or dual 10G Ethernet interface
  • 3D Stereo support
  • Bundling enabling support for super high resolutions
  • Fit to purpose future proof investment via system level feature licensing

About ENA-340 Encoder

The ENA-340 encoder converts DisplayPort 1.2 video signals into an uncompressed RAW IP stream without compromising on image quality or 3D signaling transparency. The end-to-end video latency is amazingly short and is guaranteed not to exceed a single frame. The video streams that are distributed over the media network can go up to a resolution of 4K@60 fps. In addition, analog audio and USB for keyboard/mouse are also transported over the same standard network allowing for a full KVMA solution.


The ENA-340 adapters are an integrated part of Barco’s Enterprise Virtual Matrix solution, which provides users with uncompromised networked visualization for high end demanding applications. The compact AV-to-IP adapters offer simplicity and flexibility while maintaining the highest possible performance standards and fitness for use in any demanding environment.

ENA-340 Encoder

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