Encore Controller LC

This product is no longer available.
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Encore Presentation Switcher, PDS-701 3G, PDS-901 3G, ScreenPRO-II series

About Encore Controller LC

The Encore Controller LC supports up to 64 inputs and 32 destinations, comprised of Encore Video Processors, ScreenPRO-II and ImagePRO processors. Designed for both single screen and wide screen blended destinations, the LC offers 900 presets and special User Keys to ease programming and "on the fly" switching. The Controller LC also supports stacked Encore Video Processor configurations, which enable you to control up to 12 layers on a single screen.


Integration with Signal Routers
The use of high quality routers is an integral part of the Encore system. Barco is pleased to announce a complete line of routers for use with the Encore system. The line consists of a variety of both analog and digital routers including SDI and HD/SDI units. All of our routers are designed and tested to ensure quality, reliability and ease of use.

The Encore system is also compatible with other manufacturers' routers.

Encore Controller LC

Encore Controller LC
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