Encore Expanded Still (ES) Storage

This product is no longer available.
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About Encore Expanded Still (ES) Storage

Images can be uploaded from any source connected to the Encore Video Processors or from any PC connected to Encore via Ethernet. This greatly enhances the creative flexibility for show designers.
Users can store the entire captured image or a selected portion. Through an external PS1 keyboard, connected to the Encore controller, names can be assigned to the captured images.
Stored images can be quickly recalled during a live show. For example, an SXGA+ (1400 x 1050) image can be recalled immediately. In widescreen applications, recalling stored images occurs synchronously in all screens. The card can also be added to existing Encore Video processors as an upgrade option.

GUI Control
Users can download and upload bit mapped or jpeg images to and from the Encore Video Processor directly from a GUI PC based program. The GUI program allows users to manage provides additional features such as preview of the uploaded pictures, easy crop toll for image manipulation.


  • 100+ still stores available
  • Extremely fast access times for single and widescreen applications
  • Synchronous widescreen recalls
  • Encore Expanded Still (ES) Storage


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