FSN Native Input Card (NIC)

8-channel native input card

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FSN series, FSN-1400

About FSN Native Input Card (NIC)

The Native Input Card (NIC) accepts up to eight SD/HD/3G SDI signals. The FSN-1400 can accept up to four NICs, allowing up to 32 native SDI inputs to be installed.
Since there are no scalers on the NIC, all connected inputs must be set to the native resolution of the FSN.

The NIC provides frame synchronization for all inputs with a jitter window of ±0.5 lines per input channel. From the system's touch screen menu, you can monitor the input video timing and lock status.

In addition to frame synchronization, the NIC provides the following video processing features on a per-input channel basis:

  • Hue and saturation adjustment
  • Independent RGB contrast and brightness adjustment
  • Horizontal and vertical mask adjustment
  • Freeze
  • Output black on LOS (Loss Of Signal)
  • Color gamma correction
  • Input configuration files saved on per-connector basis

FSN Native Input Card (NIC)

FSN Native Input Card (NIC)
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