FSN Universal Input Card (UIC)

2-channel universal input card

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FSN series, FSN-1400

About FSN Universal Input Card (UIC)

The Universal Input Card (UIC) is a high performance dual-channel scaling processor that accepts a wide range of video and computer signals, and converts them to the switcher's native format. Each channel operates independently.

The FSN-1400 accepts up to five UIC cards, allowing up to 10 universal, non-native input signals to be scaled. Each channel accepts analog RGBHV/RGBS/RGsB, YPbPr video, S-video, Composite input signals on HD-15 connectors, DVI digital signals on DVI-I connectors and SD/HD/3G video on BNC connectors.

A custom algorithm allows each channel to automatically and rapidly lock to the selected input video source. For genlocked sources, the delay through each scaling channel is one frame.

In addition, the UIC provides the following video processing features per input channel: 

  • Freeze
  • Input size and position adjustments
  • Brightness and contrast adjustment
  • Hue, saturation
  • Independent RGB contrast and brightness adjustment
  • Gamma adjustmenst 
  • Scaler sharpness control 
  • Powerful de-interlacing modes: 
    • Motion adaptive
    • Field to frame (for low latency)
    • pSF (Frame-to-Frame)
    • 3:2 (NTSC) and 2:2 (PAL) pull-down detection
  • 12-bit processing 
  • Output black on LOS (loss of signal) or invalid signal
  • Input configuration files saved on per-connector basis 
  • Flicker filter

FSN Universal Input Card (UIC)

FSN Universal Input Card (UIC)
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