FSN Universal Output Card (UOC)

2-channel universal output card

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About FSN Universal Output Card (UOC)

The Universal Output Card (UOC) is a high performance dual channel scaler card that enables the FSN to output DVI, Analog or SMPTE 3G/HD/SDI signals, independent of the switcher’s native video format.

Inputs to the UOC are internal, simplifying system setup and wiring. Up to three UOCs can be inserted in the FSN-1400 chassis, providing six independent outputs, each of which can output at a different format and resolution. When the system’s UOC capability is combined with its UIC capability, FSN effectively operates as a multi-channel “anything in, anything out” system.

In the bottom diagram, several sources at different formats and resolutions are connected to FSN. In this example, which uses three UOCs, the FSN outputs six different signals at different formats and resolutions.

You can select the output format for each channel via the UOC setup menu, and all standard analog, DVI and SDI formats are available. In addition to standard formats, you can also output custom resolutions and timings, thus further enhancing the system’s “anything in, anything out” flexibility.

The UOC outputs can vertically genlock to the system’s internal sync, or free-run. For vertically locked outputs, the frame delay is one or two (user selectable) interlaced fields for interlaced native outputs, or one progressive frame for native progressive outputs.

The UOC also offers additional effects:

  • Pan and zoom
  • Brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and gamma correction
  • Internal test pattern

FSN Universal Output Card (UOC)

FSN Universal Output Card (UOC)
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