Galaxy WARP™

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About Galaxy WARP™

Following the success of the Barco Galaxy active-stereo DLP™ projector, Barco introduces a version that can perform real-time geometry distortion at double refresh rates: the Barco Galaxy WARP™. Its high processing power and ease-of-use, combined with the high brightness and proven picture quality of the Galaxy, make the Galaxy WARP™ ideally suited for the most demanding active-stereo curved screen applications.

Unequalled Versatility

  • Dual parallel WARP™ NLIM (Non-linear Image Mapping) boards result in smooth and detailed pre-distorted imagery for curved-screen applications
  • Active stereo capabilities at SXGA up to 120 Hz, thanks to high-performance Pixel Map Processor and dedicated DLP™ chipsets
  • Impressive 205 MHz A/D conversion bandwidth ensures compatibility with high resolution and high refresh-rate sources
  • Optional Passive Stereo optimization with DMD™ optimized polarizers enables large-venue passive stereo 3D projection

Multi-channel Optimization

  • Proprietary Optical Soft Edge Matching (OSEM): custom-made optical filters to achieve truly seamless blending for multichannel systems, maintaining full contrast ratio
  • Proprietary Electronic Soft Edge Matching (ESEM): highly-flexible and reconfigurable blending with easy set-up
  • Integrated Constant Light Output (CLO), which can be linked with other Barco Galaxy projectors for cross-channel brightness tracking
  • Optimized engine ensures matched primary colors and maximizes addressable multi-channel color gamut

Superior Optics

  • High contrast ratio: engine developed to achieve a contrast ratio of 800:1 which results in extremely vivid and dynamic images
  • Dedicated lens range: optimized for unequalled resolution and accurate geometry; wide throw ratio range, motorized shift range and built-in Scheimpflug correction result in high flexibility of installations

Galaxy WARP™

Galaxy WARP™
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