External warping, blending and color matching box optimized for F50 WQXGA series

About MCM-50

The MCM-50 serves as input processor on the F50 WQXGA series projectors allowing geometry correction, color correction, brightness monitoring and electronic blending up to 120 Hz . By using a real-time on-screen user interface, the MCM-50 helps achieve the performance known from Barco’s higher end simulation projectors. In this way, this box enables several multi-channel configurations with multiple F50 projectors at native 120 Hz frame rates.

Suited for mono and 3D-stereo sources

The MCM-50 handles both mono and stereo sources up to 120 Hz. Native WQXGA Active or passive stereo sources are converted into an active flicker-free stereo signal up to 120 Hz. 

Four DisplayPort 1.1 inputs allow up to 2 sources to be connected in two columns of 1280 by 1600 pixels offering a full 2560*1600 pixel canvas . Both mono (including encrypted HDCP content) and stereo sources are shown synchronously with the input, at a minimum delay.

Easy to control

The MCM-50 can be controlled by means of an IR remote with an on-screen menu, or through IP. The latter allows easy integration with touch panels for convenient source switching and different geometry files.

Suitable for all environments:

  • Larger collaboration rooms, both flat and curved
  • 3D visualization as used in automotive, oil & gas
  • scientific research and urban planning
  • High speed training applications running at 120 Hz
  • High resolution command and control displays
  • WQXGA resolution
  • High Frame Rates
  • automatic geometric image correction across curved surfaces
  • DisplayPort ready
  • blending
  • color consistency does not change with time
  • 3D stereo
  • compliant with the HDCP protocols
  • 10 bit Look Up Table
  • 12 bit Look Up Table


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