Nio Color 2MP (MDNC-2221) Dental

This product is no longer available.

About Nio Color 2MP (MDNC-2221) Dental

Barco's Nio Color 2MP has everything it takes for your dental practice. It brings sharp and bright images to your desktop in a stylish but cleanable design. 

Did you know?

New regulations (DIN 6868-157) in the dental market define strict standards for displays. It means you'll need a specific monitor, depending on the lighting conditions in your work environment. That's why Barco developed a range of displays for the dental practice. One for every environment. Ready to use out of the box. 

Reliable diagnosis in the treatment room

The Nio Color 2MP has been built for use in the dental treatment and reading room (room classes 5 and 6 as defined by DIN 6868-157). It provides you with the crisp, high-contrast detail you need for fast, more effective viewing of dental images. 

Automated quality control

It is fully compliant with the latest DIN standards thanks to MediCal QAWeb and the Nio front sensor that work wonderfully together to ensure automated calibration and internal image stabilization. The result? Consistent, stable and bright images at all times, even in brightly-lit treatment rooms!

Combined with the benefits of a centrally managed, fully integrated and automated QA and reporting - removing the need for manual compliance and calibration - Nio Color 2MP puts a smile on your face while you take care of that of your patients.

Barco's dental practice package includes:

A Nio Color 2MP display with unique front sensor, an additional LCD sensor for automated ambient light control, all bundled with Barco's MediCal QAWeb software optimized for the new DIN standard.


  • 2 MegaPixel resolution (1,600 x 1,200)
  • 21-inch screen diagonal
  • Color display
  • Long lifetime LED technology
  • Front sensor for stabilized luminance
  • Uniform Luminance
  • Backlight Output Stabilization
  • Compliant with DIN 6868-157
  • 30 bit Look Up Table
  • DisplayPort ready
  • Anti-reflective protective front cover
  • Usable in portrait and
landscape mode
  • Standard 5-year warranty

Nio Color 2MP (MDNC-2221) Dental

This product is currently only available in the following countries: Austria, Germany, Switzerland
Nio Color 2MP LED dental (MDNC-2221)
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