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About MegaCADWall

Barco’s multi-channel MegaCADWall concept is the ultimate in collaborative, high-resolution display walls with an extremely high pixel density, and consists completely of integrated Barco technology, from projectors to screens.

Collaborating on a widescreen Windows desktop

With the MegaCADWall, you can visualize multiple sources simultaneously, in any combination of mono and 3D stereo, while Barco-patented stereoscopic filtering technology results in an uncompromised image quality, regardless of screen type. Thanks to Barco’s XDS Control Center software suite, you control all local and networked sources with mouse and keyboard in a familiar Windows environment. You can compare two 3D stereo sources in a window while videoconferencing with remote colleagues, or comparing the data to a spreadsheet, for example.

Total Barco solution

Rather than having to run to different companies for each component of your display system, Barco ensures maximal synergy between the screen, projectors and display management through its own wide range of products.

Barco projectors typically used in the MCW possess unique features that make them excellent choices for multi-channel setups:

Edge blending eliminates projection overlap zones to generate one continuous image without blurry seams.
DynaColor ensures that each projector projects with the same color quality and intensity.
Linked constant light output (CLO) matches the projectors’ light outputs correctly with one another.

To get the maximum out of your system in terms of light output, color quality and resolution, Barco has developed its own superflat high-contrast screen that is fit for any type of system or projection.




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