MNT-120 H.264

Nexxis H.264 transcoder

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About MNT-120 H.264

As an integral part of Barco’s Nexxis digital OR solution – specifically designed for high-quality imaging with near-zero latency in today’s operating rooms – the H.264 transcoder is perfect for applications that don’t require lossless representation of information, such as training and remote consultations.

Streaming and recording

Smoothly converting raw IP streams into the lower bit-rate standard H.264 format, this transcoder allows effortless streaming and recording of video, data and other information. The possibilities are endless:

  • Recording: locally or centrally
  • Streaming on hospital LAN/WAN
  • Preview functionalities of streams inside the OR 
  •  …

Barco’s H.264 transcoder is fully compatible with the Nexxis management software, enabling a smooth set-up and ease of use. It can handle 2 independent video streams, which are scaled to a certain resolution and frame rate, and encoded into 1 or 2 H.264 Level 4.1 network IP stream(s) with different bit-rates.


Barco's Nexxis H.264 transcoder features:

  • full integration with Nexxis digital OR
  • compatibility with NMS 1.0 - Nexxis OR Management Suite
  • smooth set-up and ease of use
  • low latency encoding

MNT-120 H.264

MNT120 H264
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